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We are now accepting applications for the Class of 2020.

International Residency

What does leadership mean in a global economy? As businesses continues to expand, an understanding of the international marketplace is becoming increasingly more necessary. Classes in the EMBA Program weave together international events and case studies to provide you with practical lessons in global business.

In addition, students participate in a 10-day international residency. Students visit local business and factories while steeping the regional customs in cultures. FAll of 2015, EMBA students traveled to Germany and the Czech Republic. While there, they:

  • Learned about international best practices through visits to the BMW manufacturing plant, a Pilzner brewery, and more
  • Analyzed economic trends and developments that transcend local businesses and impact the world as a whole
  • Delved into the cultures of Germany and the Czech Republic with tours though historic areas of Munich and Prague

Where will your cohort choose?

Hear from our Alumni

"The international trip is a must for any student in the EMBA program. Not only do you see the sites of the country you are visiting, but also exciting trips to the companies on your itinerary. The information you gather from these company visits will expand your knowledge of how business works around the world." - Randy Lunsford - CEO, Southwest Federal Credit Union