Executive MBA Program

Program Overview

The Master of Business Administration is one of the most sought-after degrees across every industry. It’s flexibility and cross-disciplinary courses in business allows graduates to learn and build knowledge on leadership, organizational structures, accounting, finance, strategy, and everything in between.

The Executive MBA is an innovative and unique degree program designed for executives and leaders in a variety of industries.

Student Experience

We understand that many of us live very busy lives. We’ve taken that into consideration and created a program that is structured for the busy professional.

Learning, knowledge, and ideas shared through a combination of on-campus and online classroom experiences enhance your educational experience.

Professional Development with Team Building Integration

We set you up in small teams within your cohort to be your support system throughout the program.


Program Perks

This program has elite perks that guide you through the program successfully.

Premier Service and Support

A key element of this program is a rich immersive experience. In the past, this has included a 10-day international residency focused on global business leadership in which students meet with global business executives, government leaders and thought leaders in another country to learn global business theories and best practices through in-person experience. In addition to the global business leadership residency, additional immersive residency experiences will be added as options, including diversity leadership, innovation leadership, and sustainable business leadership. Wrap-around services integrated into the program include textbooks, course registration, catering and on-site support.

We provide a top notch service and support system for every student. We register you for classes, provide you with course materials, and support you with beverages and snacks in our Executive Lounge at no additional cost.

Academic Support. We offer tutors within the Anderson School of Management and UNM, for various subjects including statistics, accounting, and writing assignments.

Financial Aid support. We have an in-house financial aid representative. You no longer need to run around UNM. Everything is done in our office.

World-renowned faculty

The faculty are some of the best and brightest in their field. Their expertise in business and organizations is transferred to the application in education. Be part of a new trend of leaders applying interdisciplinary practices to make impactful and positive changes across the education field.


For a complete application, please submit all required materials.

Executive MBA candidates are selected based on the holistic review of application materials. Candidates must have at least five years of significant work experience and hold an undergraduate degree in any field to apply. The Anderson Executive MBA welcomes driven students from across the region. See how you compare to the last cohort.

Online Application

Submit the following to the Executive MBA office at emba@unm.edu or by mail to:

Executive MBA Program
MSCO5 3090
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

3 Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required, including one from your immediate supervisor. The most meaningful evaluations come from people who have been responsible for evaluating your academic or managerial performance.

Provide a cover sheet with each letter.

Statement of Purpose

Please write an essay (approximately 500 words) explaining your reasons for seeking an advanced degree in business, as well as your personal qualities and experience that will benefit your professional colleagues in the program. Include any noteworthy achievements or additional information you wish to share with the Admission Committee. Your statement of purpose can be uploaded with your online application.


Please submit a current résumé detailing your work experience, management experience, and areas of responsibility. Your resume can be uploaded with your online application.


Send one official transcript from each institution attended (except for UNM) for domestic applicants. Send electronic transcripts to emba@unm.edu. Mailed transcripts must arrive enclosed in the original registrar's sealed envelope to the following address:

Executive MBA Program
MSCO5 3090
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Domestic applicants with foreign transcripts must have those transcripts evaluated, even if they are in English. This must be a course by course evaluation that shows the foreign education level of study in comparison to the U.S. education level of study and the US education equivalent cumulative GPA. We recommend the following credential evaluators. Education Credential Evaluators (https://www.ece.org); National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (http://www.naces.org/); World Education Services (http://www.wes.org/).


When your application is complete, you will participate in an interview to determine your eligibility.

Entrance Exam

The entrance exam is currently waived for the 2023 cohort.



2024 Cohort Deadlines
Round 1:  February 1
Round 2:  April 1