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Collaborative Learning and a Professional Network

  • Man arms with pictureEnter and exit the program with the same group of students
  • Participate in group work to develop professional relationships with your classmates
  • Interact with students from diverse backgrounds to broaden your own business perspectives and expertise
  • Tap into Anderson's alumni network of over 11,000 student

woman arms with picture The Executive MBA Curriculum is based on learning teams composed of high-achieving leaders like you. EMBA Students are leaders from diverse industries and backgrounds, so you will learn as much from your classmates as you do from your professors. The program's team-based structure unites your individual experiences with the expertise of our Ph.D. faculty, the best practices of your peers, and the perspectives of Anderson alumni. By bringing your knowledge and expertise to the Executive MBA Program, you also enrich the collaborative learning experience of your classmates.

Hear from our Alumni

"My learning experience was greatly enhanced by the quality and diversity of my fellow classmates"

- Jill VonOsten

"The Anderson EMBA Program fosters an environment for collaboration where you have an opportunity to really engage with your diverse classmates and discuss and learn from each other's challenges"

- Eric Watson - Dental Director, Community Dental Services of Albuquerque