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Global Perspective

Painted earthWhat does leadership mean in a global economy? As businesses continues to expand, an understanding of the international marketplace is becoming increasingly more necessary. Classes in the EMBA Program weave together international events and case studies to provide you with practical lessons in global business.

In addition to the global perspectives offered in the classroom, the Anderson EMBA features a unique opportunity to gain a valuable global perspective during a ten-day trip abroad. On a 2-week international residency, you will meet with business leaders, government executives, and educators to learn global business theories and best practices. As part of the International Residency, you will tour local business and factories while immersing yourself in the cultural aspects and economic conditions of the region. In past years, Anderson EMBA students have visited China, Argentina, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ireland, and Mexico. Your Executive MBA class will choose the country that your cohort will visit.

Hear from our Alumni

"The international trip is a must for any student in the EMBA program. Not only do you see the sites of the country you are visiting, but also exciting trips to the companies on your itinerary. The information you gather from these company visits will expand your knowledge of how business works around the world."

- Randy Lunsford - CEO, Southwest Federal Credit Union