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Innovative Research and Practical Application

Faculty publications framedEMBA faculty are experienced educators, professional consultants, and accomplished researchers. This powerful combination of real-world experience and academic prowess means that you will learn to apply cutting-edge business research to your job immediately. Rather than lecturing for hours, your instructors will engage you in evidence-based learning activities to facilitate your development.

Our EMBA faculty members are hand-selected for their research, consulting expertise, and their ability to teach adult students. All of our faculty hold Ph.D.'s and regularly review and update their course materials to reflect the latest thinking in their respective fields. EMBA faculty utilize a variety of teaching formats including case methods, group projects, classroom discussions, guest lectures, and peer teaching to facilitate interaction among students.

Hear from our Alumni

"The program has some of the most outstanding professors in their fields who communicate in terms most people understand."

- Barry Buden

Executive MBA Faculty

Jacqueline Hood
Leslie Oakes
Allen Parkman
Matt Pickard
Harry Van Buren III
Steven Yourstone
Cheping '<em>Jack</em>' Su
Mary Margaret Rogers
John Schatzberg
Douglas Thomas
Kathryn Jacobson
Sophie Martin
Randy Lunsford