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Alumni Q&A

Lindsay Eakes

EMS Academy Director

Executive MBA, Class of 2016

What are you currently doing (career-wise)?

I currently work for the UNM School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine

Why did you decide to pursue an Executive MBA?

As a leader who oversees a multifaceted academic program and unit, it was important to me to be able to understand and manage the business needs in addition to the education support needs. There are many challenges facing higher education today and I felt that the MBA would help me develop the skills needed to successfully navigate many of those challenges.

What did you take away from your MBA learning experience which has been most applicable to your career?

The MBA experience changed my perspective on what makes a good leader and provided exposure to areas I had no previous experience in such as finance, accounting and organizational development. All have been valuable to my career in EMS education.

What was the most surprising thing about the Executive MBA program?

Learning how to effectively work in a group efficiently and cohesively; it is a lot harder than it sounds sometimes! It was an incredibly valuable experience, I appreciated all of the unique opportunities that were presented throughout the 27 month program.

You are so busy, how did you fit classes into your schedule?

The scheduled class times are incredibly convenient for someone who has a full time career; Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings every other week is a great schedule model.


Best Consideration:

April 6, 2020

Program Start:

June 5, 2020


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