Steven Renfro

Program Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory
EMBA Class of 2008

Steven Renfro

“As a successful Research and Development Engineer, I had been promoted to my first leadership position. The EMBA program was the perfect fit.  As I started the program, I was promoted again and found the education I received to be applicable in real time to my job.  As I continued to advance, I continued to use the education I have received. I consider myself a principle based leader with a trend towards servitude coaching and collaboration. The team based approach in the EMBA program helped me develop and refine those skills. The greatest benefit was the ability to work with a diverse set of individuals on a multitude of projects. I went through the program with two small children, an ever increasing job responsibility, and fortunately an extremely supportive spouse.  I managed to complete the program through the understanding and partnership, as well as support from my employer. I would not have achieved the levels I have in my career without the EMBA program.  Simply put, the return on investment was considerable and the payback period nearly immediate. I would advise to really consider the real classroom time and rigor of programs when you are considering. There are other ways to obtain a credential, but I strongly suggest anyone considering this program really look at the educational value. I chose not to go on the Residency trip. Instead, I chose the Washington campus, which was much more beneficial to me in my career serving the US Government”


NOW Accepting Applications for the Class of 2023

Early Bird Date:
January 22, 2021

Best Consideration Date:
April 2, 2021

Program Start:
June 4, 2021


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