Michael Davis

Professor and Chief, Division of Urology Surgical Director, Renal Transplant Program Department of Surgery, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
EMBA Class of 2020

Michael Davis

"The reasons I wanted to pursue an MBA are multiple. Being the chief of a division at UNM Health Sciences Center, I thought having more knowledge of business and leadership would help in my administrative and leadership roles. I can understand my medical specialty well, but when it came to the day to day operational functions, I recognized I needed more education in business and leadership. I thought pursuing an MBA would not only help with my personal and professional growth, but would also benefit the rest of the division that I lead and the institution that employs me. Some of the principles I have learned have benefited me greatly in the job I have, both the administrative role and the interactions I have with the people I work with. There are several benefits. The best was meeting a group of great people from all occupations. Sometimes, due to my job, I have had to miss some class. The program has been great about this. As long as the instructors are notified in advance, it has not been a problem. I have found the ease of registration, attendance, and availability of course materials to make attending the program easy despite the other demands in my life. The knowledge I have gained will only benefit me in the remainder of my career. Even if I never use the MBA in a role that is significant, I am happy to have learned some of the leadership skills and knowledge of management and business that the program has taught me. The advice I would give someone who is thinking about their MBA is to do it! There is no time like the present. It will only be of great benefit to their career and the people they lead and interact with on a daily basis. I think the fact that the EMBA program is designed for working professionals makes it the right fit for most people. The program registers the students, has the books necessary for classes, and even provides food and snacks for classes. Also, the outstanding professors that teach these classes are accessible and experts in their fields. I have found this program to be easy to attend, professionally beneficial, and very enjoyable. I recommend the program to anyone who is interested and even my colleagues who have never thought of pursuing and MBA."


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Early Bird Date:
January 22, 2021

Best Consideration Date:
April 2, 2021

Program Start:
June 4, 2021


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