Dave Smidt

Owner, Mother Road Mobile Canning
EMBA Class of 2013

David Smidt

“I had been running a startup internet business for some time and needed an infusion of creativity to move into something different. The EMBA program seemed like a great fit. I was able to continue with my current enterprise while gaining some enthusiasm for something new. I have been very fortunate to have influential mentors in my business career and have always wanted to return the favor one day. The EMBA program provided with me with knowledge and guidance to do so. The relationships and networking gained from an intense program like and EMBA is invaluable. These relationships and the ability to connect with others on a personal basis is the greatest outcome from the EMBA program for me. The greatest thing about an EMBA program is the fact that the entire idea behind it helps us manage our families and careers while receiving an education. I do not think you can get this through a regular MBA program. The program opened my mind to new ideas and inspired me to look for something new. I was encouraged by faculty and students to do more and think beyond my personal limitations. It was worth every penny and an investment in your education in invaluable. The knowledge gained through other seasoned students in an EMBA through their life experiences made it perfect for me. I went to China, which was a great experience that I would do again if given the chance. Seeing another culture and the way it views business strategy is of the upmost importance.”



NOW Accepting Applications for the Class of 2023

Early Bird Date:
January 22, 2021

Best Consideration Date:
April 2, 2021

Program Start:
June 4, 2021


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