Angelique Tafoya

Executive Director, Alta Mira Specialized Family Services, Inc.
EMBA Class of 2013

Angelique Tafoya

“I made the decision to join the EMBA program in the hopes of becoming more competitive in the workforce.  I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t sure if I would work toward advancement in my current profession or if I would choose to change trajectories and pursue a more entrepreneurial approach. Since graduating from the program, I have been given the opportunity to lead in my agency as the Executive Director. Being in a cohort with leaders from various industries is empowering and challenging. By far, the number one benefit that I received from the program is networking! On an academic level, the two course topics that have been the biggest benefit to me were the variety of Financial/Accounting courses and the Organizational Behavior and Diversity. As I can attest, I managed to work a full-time job, maintain a very loving and supportive marriage, keep my dog walked and fed, and graduate with my original cohort. This is obviously a testament that anything is possible, if you want it enough.  In hindsight, getting my EMBA is truly a gold level investment. I encourage potential students to attend Information Sessions and to ask questions!  I believe that the EMBA program is the perfect fit for students that want to focus their limited availability on their studies and are looking for the convenience of a program that does the rest.”


NOW Accepting Applications for the Class of 2023

Early Bird Date:
January 22, 2021

Best Consideration Date:
April 2, 2021

Program Start:
June 4, 2021


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